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Penalty order

If you have received a penalty order, you should contact us immediately, because if an objection is not lodged within two weeks of receipt of the penalty order, it will become legally binding. The penalty order is then equivalent to a judgment. They are considered convicted.To contactPlease contact me immediately to arrange an appointment so that I can take action against the penalty order, because the penalty order is often incorrect.

An appeal should not always be lodged against a penalty order. The penalty order should therefore be examined by a lawyer. This is because the penalty order is less expensive than a procedure with a main hearing and does not take place in public - unlike a main hearing. However, if the accusation is completely unfounded, the evidence is thin, the penalty is too high or there is an obstacle to the proceedings, etc., an appeal should be lodged against the penalty order.

In my blog you will findFurther information What to do if you have received a penalty notice.

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