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Employment Law


In addition to criminal law, employment law is one of our firm's main areas of expertise. If you have received notice of termination, would like to have your employment contract reviewed or are not satisfied with the employment reference issued, please feel free to contact us.



If you have aNotice received we check whether it is effective. Otherwise, we will file an action for protection against dismissal if the Dismissal Protection Act applies or, if this is not applicable and the termination is ineffective, we will file an action for a declaratory judgment. It is important that action against a termination can only be taken within three weeks of receipt of the termination.

certificate of employment

Are you not satisfied with your employment reference? Section 630 of the German Civil Code (BGB) and Section 109 of the Trade Regulations (GewO) give you the right to have a benevolent, truthful and error-free employment reference issued. Inadmissible codes are prohibited. We will be happy to review your employment reference and ensure that a more positive employment reference is issued for you.


Termination agreement

If a termination agreement is concluded, this should under no circumstances be done carelessly, but the termination agreement should definitely be checked by a lawyer.

Limitation of the employment contract

We would be happy to check whether your time limit was set correctly.

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